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by Olinka Tristan | 08.24.2017

We’ve all been there, whether we like to admit it or not.

Exercise is not always something we “feel” like doing. One of my favorite
sayings is, “motivation is what gets you started, but discipline is what keeps
you going.” I strongly believe this is true. We might be motivated at the
beginning of our health journey, but somewhere along the way motivation is just
not enough.

Movement is crucial and essential for all aspects of our
wellbeing. We need to remember why we are choosing to be healthier and the reasons
why we started this journey in the first place. When we feel like throwing the
towel, those reasons, if strong enough, are likely the ones that will keep us
going. So here are five ways to keep yourself accountable and motivated in your
journey to better health.

Keep a journal of how you feel after a workout.
Every time you workout, take out your journal (always within an hour of
completing your workout) and write down three words about how you feel. Once a
week go back to that journal and read it.
Reminding yourself of the post-workout feeling will give you a great
reason to get up and move!

Get an accountability partner. Nothing motivates
us more than to know we are NOT alone. Get support and give it at the same
time; not only will it keep you on track, it will make you feel good to be
there for others as well. Encouraging others to reach their goals can enhance
your motivation to reach yours too.

Surround yourself with motivation. I am big on
sticking post-its with awesome motivational quotes where I will see them
throughout the day. I have them in my bathroom, my living room, my KITCHEN,
even in my car. Have that constant reminder as to why you want to move and what
it does for you. Some examples are: “YES YOU CAN!” “You won’t regret the workout.”
“Three months from now I will thank myself.” “Remember why you started.” Little
reminders and motivators go a long way.

Crank it up and dress up! Put on your favorite
music and favorite workout clothes. Music wakes up the soul and seeing
ourselves in workout clothes can definitely set the mood for an AMAZING workout
session. So come on! What are you waiting for?

Track your success. Keep record of how long you
are able to walk. If you start with being able to do ten minutes and you slowly
move up to twenty, seeing this on paper can set a fire inside you to push
yourself to go for more. Maybe you can
do one push-up and a month later you are up to ten! Whatever the case may be,
make it a fun goal to see your progress in your journey.

Now go out there and MOVE!! Celebrate what your body can do.

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The BCC program has helped me really work at addressing the underlying reasons for overeating. The program helped me with mindfulness, self-esteem, and handling life in a more positive and resilient manner. I highly recommend this program. ~M.C.
The Program is extremely helpful for long term success. I would highly recommend it to anyone having weight loss surgery. ~F.C.
The ability to have applicable tools while moving forward from Bariatric surgery was invaluable. Discovering that the mental shift required to change my habits with food was much tougher than I imagined, made BCC a must with my future success! ~R.E.
I was truly inspired and healed considerably during my time with your program. It is the best program I have ever experienced in my life. I would definitely recommend this program and I would like to thank all of your great staff for their knowledge, patience and giving from their hearts to everyone. ~A.A.