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Transformation through Movement

by Olinka Tristan | 09.12.2017
Transformation through Movement

August 25, 2017, was my three-year Zumbaversary. Three years ago my life changed forever and in the most unexpected way. I hated movement! I did NOT ever workout, and if I ever had a rare moment of deciding to move, I disliked every second of it. So I avoided it.

Then I came across ZUMBA.

Zumba was the opening door to everything else that came with this new lifestyle. It has been such an adventure the past three years to see what my
body can do and what movement has done for me. A lot of people think I started Zumba because I wanted to lose weight. Wrong! I was unhealthy, and I was not
feeling well.

Zumba became my outlet and then it turned into my passion. It sets my soul on fire.

The choice I made of stepping out of my comfort zone and walking into a studio to do a movement class made a HUGE positive impact on my life. Never in a million years did I
think I would actually end up becoming an instructor and teaching a fitness class.

Have you found a movement that sets your soul on fire? If not, come on.

Let’s go find it!

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The BCC program has helped me really work at addressing the underlying reasons for overeating. The program helped me with mindfulness, self-esteem, and handling life in a more positive and resilient manner. I highly recommend this program. ~M.C.
The Program is extremely helpful for long term success. I would highly recommend it to anyone having weight loss surgery. ~F.C.
The ability to have applicable tools while moving forward from Bariatric surgery was invaluable. Discovering that the mental shift required to change my habits with food was much tougher than I imagined, made BCC a must with my future success! ~R.E.
I was truly inspired and healed considerably during my time with your program. It is the best program I have ever experienced in my life. I would definitely recommend this program and I would like to thank all of your great staff for their knowledge, patience and giving from their hearts to everyone. ~A.A.